Jamberry Nails Special

Show your support with Jamberry


The DIY, nail wrap offering an incredible variety of designs which you can use at-home.


30% of the proceeds will go to the CJD Foundation.


Want Any Designs Offered?:

Visit this link http://amandawalsh.jamberry.com/party/?uid=79bc82e1-c338-4b0d-b7a5-970c9cc64ab8 buy any and all designs. 


Special CJD Designs! To purchase:

  1. Buy a gift certificate (all CJD prints will be $25) http://amandawalsh.jamberry.com/party/?uid=79bc82e1-c338-4b0d-b7a5-970c9cc64ab8

  2. Place your order from the site and you will receive a gift certificate code.

  3. Once you receieve your gift certificate code, go to the second site, http://bit.ly/CJDJams with your CODE. 

  4. Pick the CJD design and use the CODE to purchase.